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Publicado 13 de abril de 2018
Área Programación
Tipo de puesto Full-time
Salario De Bs30000000 a Bs45000000 bruto por mes
Lugar de trabajo Caracas, Gran Caracas
Nivel educativo Terciario completo
Experiencia mínima Experiencia mínima de 4 años en el área de Tecnología, Sistemas y Telecomunicaciones
Conocimientos Inglés Básico
Residencia Venezuela
Edad Mayor de 24 años.

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We have a team in Venezula that you will be supporting. The team works remotely and you will be doing the same working from your home. We pay twice a month in dolars or Bolivares. If you choose Bolivares you will earn with the exchange rate of dollar today. Your salary will be 100 USD per month with payments every two weeks. Today, April 12th, 2018 the rate is 451,000 Bolivares per dollar. So if you choose Bolivares you will get 45,100,000 Bolviares for the month. But this will go up with inflation. You will be protected by inflation. Or you can earn 100 USD in your paypal account.

We will be building and maintaning a couple of wordpress sites as well as spending free time building a larger online community or learning and practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO o posicionamento del buscadores). You must be open and willing to learn new things. You should be focused and work quickly.

Your work will be monitored with a program that takes screenshots during work hours so we want you to take this position seriously. 

You will have 10 vacation days and 10 holidays per year. 

Hablamos espanol tambien. Pero me gusta que leeiste algo en Ingles. Prefiero que sabes algo de Ingles especialmente porque mucho esta escrito en Ingles. 

You need to have a stable internet connection as we will have frequent skype calls. 

You also should be advanced in javascript as well as html/css and LAMP. 








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